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Guangzhou Geren Accessories Co.,Ltd begins from 1960s ,the founder`s father was a famous watch repairer in wenzhou, who came to Guangzhou to engage in his familiar watch industry in the early of this century. the company runs with international trade,
E-commerce and watch brands operation, concentrating on making a Simple, light luxury, fashion, quality as the representative of the ” BESSERON” watch” small elegance. big fashion” independent brand-“Geren”. The company always takes the consumer’s demand as the starting point, concentrating on researching, designing, producing and selling Stainless steel watch, Leather watch , imported movement watch, couple watch


Geren company is consists of a passional, aspiring and responsible team. ” Ge” and “Ren” is the enterprise spirit of the company. ” Ge” means network, when the network will be the most important sales channel in essay+assignment+help the future, since the network is in anywhere, and the growth of network transaction will be faster than physical store.
“Ren” means love people, that’s the humanism giving priority to people. The company regards the talents as the core asset of enterprise, so it is committed to offer a platform to help aspiring and capable young people make their dreams come true.
Geren has a exquisite technology for making watch and a lasting flexible design. Every watch has a special feature under a spirit of “freedom and motivation” and “striving for excellence”.


Geren company is Many European and usd brands of suppliers,the supplier of Forever21, which has a top 5 sales in USA, and Geren is the gift supplier of “Coca-Cola” company, and it also is the supplier for many Chain enterprises, trading companies, Entity secondary wholesalers, Amazon shop, Electric business enterprises and other suppliers of electricity providers