BESSERON - simple style, simple life

BESSERON watch use love as the source, with simple and elegant, luxury, vogue, leisure life style as design concept, with superb skills, highlight the grade,at the same time full of simple modern atmosphere,quickly win the market.

Our Story

Founder Aaron Lin, was born in an ordinary family, he left home to work as a watch maker when he was young. He met Bessie at that time, a lady would be with him all life. They admired each other and fell in love, but sadly, Bessie’s father force them to separate as he worried Aaron had no ability to offer his daughter happiness. However, Bessie trusted, persisted and tried to persuade her father till he agreed in desperation. They married. They fought for fabulous after children born. When they owned their career in watch field, Aaron was dreaming- to produce a wrist watch representing their love. He tried to name as with his name and Bessie’s, then a brand called BESSERON was born.