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How to degauss the watch and how to minimize watch errors

How To Degauss The Watch

The magnetic watch has a certain degree of antimagnetic effect. when we wear it, such as touching a generator with a strong magnetic field and an electric motor, or accidentally placing the watch near a radio and a television, the generator, an electric motor, Magnetic fields of radios and televisions will drive the watch. The travel time of the magnetic watch will inaccurate. What’s worse, some even stop work.

So, how to degauss the watch? It is best to send the watch repair department to degaussing, because there is special equipment for degaussing. If it is inconvenient to leave the watch shop for repairs, you can find a piece of iron that is in the shape of a circle in the middle. Surely, the iron is not magnetized. And then, let it stand on the table. When the iron slowly moves in the circle, the magnet on the watch will be absorbed by the iron. We also can place the watch on a clean iron plate. It is not exposed to magnetic force. At last, the magneticity of the watch will improve and disappear gradually after two days.

How To Minimize Watch Errors

Here to explain the problem, it is necessary to understand why the clock has an error. As we all know, the mechanical clocks on the market (including wall clocks, clocks, etc.) are generally in a stable position.However, due to structural characteristics of the spring, materials, friction,and fatigue between the rings, changes in the output torque from strong to weak, and the friction generated by the spring and the gear in the transmission of the force, etc., will affect the accuracy of the clock travel time.

Further climate, regional environment and location also affect the normal operation of the clockwork pendulum clock. The current quartz clock overcomes the weakness of the mechanical clock, uses the extremely stable high-frequency vibration of the quartz crystal as a reference of time, and then divides the frequency by the frequency dividing circuit to become once per second, and then drives the gear through a microstepping motor or scanning. , Pointer, indicating time, even if so, but due to the interference of the quartz crystal by the temperature changes, there will be errors, generally 15 seconds per day. This is allowed.

To reduce the error, first, place the clock where the temperature must be appropriate, not too high. Second, we should keep the clock from moving or moving as little as possible. However, it is also necessary to avoid large vibrations. When it’s time to move, we should handle it carefully. Third, the clockwork is full of timing.

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