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How To Maintain Gold-plated Watches And Straps

How to maintain gold-plated watches

Stainless Steel Watches fuselageThe gold plating on gold-plated watches is mostly 14K gold. This kind of gold contains a certain amount of silver in addition to 58.5% pure gold. Silver reacts with some of the volatile industrial exhaust gases in the air. And then, it will form a black silver sulfide film on the surface. At last, it causes the gold-plated watch to lose its golden luster. Therefore, wear gold-plated watches to avoid exposure to chemicals and exhaust gases such as gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and sulfur soaps, and to keep the gold-plated watch dry and clean. It is best to wipe once a week with a flannel. In addition, chloride in sweat is very corrosive to gold-plated watches. Gold-plated watches should be wiped clean when they are stained with sweat. So that the sweat will not cause the watch to lose its original and ladies stainless steel watch

The yellow plating of the yellow plated watch is a layer of metal film made of copper, zinc, and aluminum alloy. If it is not properly maintained, it will easily fade and lose its luster. Before wearing a yellow-plated watch, the case should be wiped clean with a clean soft cloth. In addition, evenly coated with a layer of colorless nail polish, dry and then wear, after every 1 to 2 months painted once. After such treatment, not only can maintain the yellow color watch’s color, not to wear, but also can increase its external brightness, while also preventing sweat and moisture intrusion into the table in the hot summer.

How to use and maintain the gold-plated straps

With gold-plated straps, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, the straps will fade quickly, and some of them will even be discolored and ugly.

Domestic gold-plated strap gold-plated layer is generally only 0.0003 mm. So, how to protect this thin gold-plated layer?

  1. In summer, it is necessary to wipe off corrosive sweat and dirt at any time. When sweating is more, it is better to take off the watch or not use a gold-plated watch strap.
  2. To avoid the friction between the strap and the rough and sharp objects, you should avoid heavy pressure on the strap and rain.
  3. If the strap is detached, it should be replated.

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