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Some Knowledge about Quartz Watch

Some high-end quartz watches are marked with waterproof. How can they enter water vapor?

Under normal circumstances, the waterproof quartz watch does not mean that it will not enter the water vapor. If you take a bath with a watch, the waterproof rubber ring used for the watch will be accelerated by the chemicals. Such as detergent, and the waterproof effect will be invalid. In the rainy season, the humidity in the air is relatively high; there are also large changes in temperature, such as saunas, air-conditioned rooms, etc.; The rubber ring gradually ages with the passage of time, and the waterproof performance gradually decreases. Once the water vapor is found in the watch, it should be promptly processed to the authorized service station to avoid rusting the parts and shorten the service life of the watch.

Will the high-end watch be waterproof after opening it?

We know that the waterproof function of the watch mainly relies on the rubber waterproof rubber ring. It is fixed on the crystal and the back cover and the joint between the crown and the case form a seal waterproof. However, if you wear a watch to take a hot bath or a sauna, you will accelerate the aging deformation of the waterproof rubber ring. In addition to the high temperature, sweat acid, swimming pool chlorine and perfume, it will affect the hardening of the waterproof rubber ring and reduce its waterproof performance. Based on experience, it is recommended that you send your watch to an authorized service station every 1-2 years to test its waterproof performance.

Quartz watch replaces the battery. After the mechanical watch is cleaned and refueled, it will be tested for waterproof. If the watch is not waterproof, the professional will test which part is not waterproof and replace it with new ones. Therefore, we can guarantee that each waterproof watch is opened after the back cover. It still has a good waterproof performance.

Why should the quartz watch be replaced in time?

Quartz watches vary in battery life from 1-2 years depending on the movement and use. The high-grade three-pin quartz watch has a battery exhausting prompt function. And the second-hand jumps abnormally, that is, every four seconds, it reminds you that the battery needs to be replaced in time. If the battery is not replaced in time, the battery may leak and damage the internal parts of the watch. Some customers have several watches. When they are not wearing, they pull out the crown to save power and stop the watch. The surface watch stops. In fact, the battery continues to discharge. If it is not replaced in time, it will cause excessive discharge of the battery. To make the battery leak, it will also corrode the movement. It results in far more maintenance costs than replacing the battery.

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