Watch Accessories
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Watch Accessories

Watch accessories are as follows:

1. Watch Accessories: Watch Glass

The main function of the mirror surface is to protect the surface/dial. It is not easy to detect from the appearance but usually has a curvature. However, since the mirror is made of glass material, it will not see the correct time because of the reflected light. Therefore, Part of the watch accessories will be in sapphire crystal mirror coated with the anti-dazzle coating. Watch accessories to prevent the reflection of light impact time reading. The material of the watch glass is generally made of ore glass (the antique watch is mostly made of acrylic glass).  In addition, the hardened glass can also be used. The high-grade watch uses artificial sapphire crystal glass.

2. Watch Accessories: Watch Dial

The dial is mainly used to display time, but also related to the design of the watch. It can be designed in different shapes or in different materials. Moreover, the time scale can also be used as a simple lacquer or offset. Commonly used dial materials can be roughly divided into metal, enamel, mother-of-pearl and carbon fiber dial.

The metal can be divided into a 925 sterling silver dial and a lacquered dial. The lacquered dial is made of brass as the main material. And the watch accessory is the most common one. The enamel dial is generally used for advanced watches. The mother-of-pearl dial is most often used with the women’s watch. Using this shell material to make the dial, you can feel the change of color due to different viewing angles. Although carbon fiber has a long history in the production of dials, carbon fiber has the flexibility of fiber, lightweight, and possesses various excellent properties of carbon. Such as corrosion resistance and heat resistance, so it is often used in sports watches.

3. Watch Accessories: The Watch Covers

The function of the back cover is to fix the movement, dustproof, waterproof and so on. Made of stainless steel. The back side can erode text and graphics, and it is generally assembled in three ways with the case. (1) According to the cover: directly match the case (on time) (poor water resistance); (2) screw cap: rib and tighten on the case and back cover; (3) screw bottom: case and back The cover is fixed by screws and is generally found in a square case (waterproof).

4. Watch Accessories: Case

Protects the movement of the watch from external dust, dew or vibration, while providing a stylish and glamorous look for the watch. The watch case is generally made of steel, stainless steel, K gold, platinum, watch accessories, high-tech ceramics (such as radar meters), tungsten-titanium alloy and other materials. The brand watch case is made of 316L stainless steel.

5.Watch Accessories: Strap

The strap of the watch is divided into metal strap, leather strap and other strap. Metal strip material is divided into all steel, gold plated, gold and gold.

6.Watch Accessories: Pointer

Watch accessories dial like the face of the watch, the watch manufacturer successfully created three coaxial tubes, the small inside the large rotation; the tube is the bottom of the gear; the three gears are highlighted On the dial, the heights are different, ensuring that the hands do not block each other when they are rotated. The shape of the pointer is more, but because the weight of the pointer will affect the time accuracy, no matter how the shape of the pointer is fancy, the material is mainly made of common brass, K gold, or blue steel, so as to control the stable weight range.

Inside. In addition to the light weight of the second hand, the average weight at both ends is sufficient to affect the accuracy. In addition, in order to be more durable, the pointer will also be coated with a base metal that is not easily oxidized. It makes the surface brighter and more wear-resistant. Blue steel, also known as roasted blue, is made from a special smelting process and gives off a blue halo color.

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