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Which watch movement is better?

Many watchers have the same experience. It takes ten years to buy a new watch. Once they ask a watchmaker to repair the watch, they find that more and more problems happen. The customer often suspects that the watchmaker changes the watch movement. Of course, this is possible. However, the chances are not high. Most of them are improperly repaired by technically unqualified technicians. Therefore, they will make the beloved watch injured. What’s worse, they will leave the scratches on the board or parts. It is a very bad watch repair technique. It was sad to see; if internal injuries were more troublesome, once the precision of the watch was compromised, it was not easy to recover. The movements produced by the well-known Swiss factory also have advantages and disadvantages. For example, the movement produced by the ETA factory has the same number as Cal. However, there are grades:

Classification of movementsOEM Watch G116GBB

The first level – the board is not polished. The material of the escapement assembly is not alloy material. In addition,  the board is the general steel and copper.

The second level – the movement is polished, the material of the escapement is still the same.

The third level – the movement has a grinding process. Moreover, plating to make the movement more bright. The usage of the alloy as the material, so temperature changes will not affect its accuracy.

The fourth level – Similar to Level 3, except that, we add the fine-tuning device for fast and slow needles.

The fifth level – the movement of the machine board to make some small changes, grinding, polishing have more stringent requirements, with its own movement number, there are speed adjustment device, choose the best alloy material to make precision 擒Longitudinal structural components, reinforced and polished, sent to the Observatory for inspection, and engraved with the 5th position adjustment on the machine board.

The sixth level – There are also Level 5 requirements and production levels. In particular, chamfer mirror polishing of steel parts such as escape wheels, horses, fast and slow needles, spherical burr stone structure, gears also chamfered sand grain processing, screws also require mirror chamfer processing. Such as automatic watches, We use K-gold as an automatic disk. Therefore, the movement has reached the level of high-level table should have.

The seventh level – The movement that meets the requirements of the Geneva Seal, develops and designs its own movement in its own factory.

How To Make An Advanced Watch?

The more advanced ones should be hand-built by experienced watch masters. The work produced for participation in watch competitions has the level of production of the Geneva Seal. Or in the personal studio, from the structural design, machining, manufacturing, polishing, grinding, testing, and assembly of components, including the design, manufacture, and assembly of the super-complex movements in a single person. It is not only the presentation of basic functions or complex functions, but also the endorsement of watchmaking craftsmanship and the hand-crafted work of art.

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