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The Knowledge of Watch Repair

A watch is a sophisticated timekeeping tool. And it is a complicated and difficult process for repairing a watch. For the average person, even if you fix the watch, you stand aside and you don’t see anything at all. If you meet a black-hearted watchmaker in watch shops (watch stores)and do something to your love watch, I believe you can’t notice it either. There are numerous people who are pitted on watch repair. For this reason, BESSERON  watch as one of the watch manufacturers is here to introduce you to some of the watchmaking knowledge and to look at the six details that cannot be ignored during the watch repair.

Six Details That Cannot Be Ignored During Watch Repair in Watch Shops

Detail 1:

Try to select those watch shops with good credit or watch stores in large stores. Large stores also have management restrictions on individual watch shops.

Detail 2:

There is a basic understanding of the fault of your own watch. The bad gear of the watch and the bad circuit board of the quartz watch are very unlikely. Sure enough, it is really bad, the corresponding fault phenomenon can also be reflected. It is impossible to end the watch to reveal these problems.

Detail 3:

Do not easily believe that the watch shops’ advertising. Look at their equipment and watch oil on the table. In addition, you can let him take out the watch oil. If he or she don’t have 4 to 5 kinds of watch oil above you, do not repair there.

Detail 4:

As soon as possible, do not fast repair in watch shops or watch stores. In addition, do not trust that “I can repair your watch at once. Please wait for a minute” promise. Due to inspection and a careful look is an indispensable part of the maintenance of the watch. It is not possible to pass the watch reliability test and deliver to the customer immediately.

Detail 5:

When you look at the clear repairs, you must discuss the price with the master. And then hand it to him. After repairs, all replaced parts are also required, especially for watches that have been replaced with gears or circuit boards during maintenance. What’s more, don’t forget to repair the invoice and the detailed registration form covering the essential meaning of the repair. The replacement parts must also be listed. If the imported parts are specified, they should be stamped.

Details 6:

If you still do not trust, then go to the local technical quality inspection department to identify. In addition, find problems with the Industrial and Commercial Office or Consumer Association to complain. Surely, before this, must be enough to bring their own strong evidence, strengthen self-care understanding.

There are six details that can’t be ignored when you repair your watch. I hope that after reading it, we can have some understanding of how to repair the watch. Afterward, everyone can refer to these methods to avoid being pitted while repairing the watch.

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