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Some Professional knowledge of watches

How many kinds of watch(water resistance watch)straps? What are the characteristics of the ceramic strap? Are the belts genuine leather?

The watch(water resistance watch) band is divided into various designs. Such as the ceramic belt, metal belt (tungsten titanium alloy belt, solid steel belt, solid copper belt, solid powder metallurgy steel belt, steel sheet belt, steel wire braided belt, etc.). And leather belt, nylon braided belt, etc. The ceramic watchband is not easy to wear, allergy. In addition, it is beautiful and so on.

We can divide watch lens into a few kinds. Which is more wear-resisting? Which is more afraid to fall?

According to the material, the table mirror can be divided into three types. They are the plastic mirror, quartz glass mirror, and sapphire mirror. The plastic mirror is not afraid of falling. However, the sapphire watch lens is the most wear-resistant.

What are the advantages of enamel dial? How do you tell the difference on the surface?

Enamel dial surface flat, good gloss, hard, complex production process, high value.


1) Smooth surface, good gloss, fewer impurities.

2)  There is no regular concave on the oil surface around the center hole or the nail hole.

How is the shockproof and magnetic proof in the watch “three proofing”?

In the national standard, the standard of anti-magnetic and anti-seismic performance is expressed by “residual effect”. “residual effect” refers to the difference between the instantaneous diurnal difference between the watch before detection and the instantaneous diurnal difference after detection.

Shock-proof: when the watch drops from 1-meter height to the surface of horizontal hardwood, the residual effect of quartz watch shall not exceed 2 seconds. Moreover, the residual effect of the mechanical watch shall not exceed 60 seconds.

Antimagnetic: when the watch by accident in the strength of 4800 a/m of a magnetic field, quartz watch no more than 1.5 seconds remaining effect. In addition, mechanical men’s watch (machine core area of more than 314 square millimeters) residual effect no more than 30 seconds. However, the mechanical female table residual effect no more than 45 seconds.

The Water resistance watch:

The waterproof of the watch depends on the waterproof of the watch mirror, the back cover, and the waterproof rubber rings at the top of the watch to reach the corresponding standards. All WATER RESISTANT meters have the English words “WATER RESISTANT” or “WATERPROOF” on the bottom cover. Watch without waterproof mark only can prevent dust, should avoid touching the water.

We can use a 30m-meter (3ATM)  (3 atmospheres) watch in daily grooming or rain. For example, water droplets are only splashed on the surface without any water pressure added to the meter. Moreover, we can use 50-meter water resistance watch for swimming and general housework. Last but not least, we can use the 100-meter water resistance watch for swimming, diving, and other underwater work.

The aging of the waterproof ring will affect the waterproof performance of the watch. Therefore, we should replace the waterproof ring and head (including the waterproof ring) regularly according to the usage. In order to ensure good waterproof performance, we should replace with the waterproof element. At the same time, we should change the battery.

Any waterproof watch should not be worn in hot water baths, saunas, or in environments where the temperature changes greatly. Due to the influence of temperature, the water-proof rubber ring will expand and shrink with heat and accelerate the aging. It will cause water inlet and water condensation in the surface, and seriously damage the machine parts.

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